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We. . .Are going. . .to DIE!!


A BIG announcement. . .

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 26, 2013, 5:51 AM
  • Mood: Enjoying The Show
:new: You know it's crazy that even after all this time, the TT fandom still remains. Especially the BB/Raven pairing! It's like nothing has changed! Which is good for me. . .cuz I decided to do the unthinkable and start reposting the TT art once again. :) It will start with some of the original art that I created several years ago, updated and revamped. The sad part is, some of that art including several of my comics have been lost forever. :(  And I don't know if I'll ever find them, or get them back. No, I disagree! I've searched through all of my stored files and found the majority of them, and I will start reposting them back on here. And I promise this time that they are here to stay!  :dance: Soo as of today I will post a few, and thereafter begin submitting so many a week until I'm finished. As for the fan fiction? Well, I might just post what comics I have, and keep the links to Fanfic. net. That way you can read them all. :) Till then thanks already for such wonderful support. And have a great week!


***Yeah I finally submitted the rest of the story! Hope you enjoy it. And thanks for reading!
***I officially have an art page on Facebook! Feel free to stop on by. Any 'likes' would be appreciated. And thanks for looking!

One of a Kind. . . Chap 1
Fairfarren, Alice. . ."                                  
 As Alice slowly disappeared before his very eyes, Tarrant could only stare ahead as the reality began to hit him that she was indeed gone, and was most likely. . .never coming back. He could feel his heart aching to the point where it was starting to overwhelm him.  So much so, that his shoulders slowly drooped, and his head began to lower. This was something that. . .during this jubilant time of victory, Queen Marina hated to see. And apparently, she wasn't the only one. For a deep sigh escaped the Cheshire Cat.
 “Oh, my. It seems that our Hatter has become rather morose. Don’t you think?”
 “Why wouldn’t he? At the time of our great gain. . .he just lost his best friend.” Mirana replied, as Ches sadly nodded.
 Overhearing the whispers, it was as though Tarrant began t
One of a Kind Chapter 2
 Previously. . .
"It's truly over. . .Isn't it?" Tarrant asked, a clip of optimism now evident in his voice.
 "Yes. . ." Mirana replied, causing him to smile once again. "And now you have a chance to start over, too. So, why not here at Mormareal. . .where you belong. Besides. . .it would be nice to see “Tarrant Hightopp,” employed in my court again.”
  Letting out a chuckle, Tarrant admitted. "Yes. . .That it would be. But. . . what about Mally and the Thackery? I couldn’t just leave them.”
  “No, of course not. They’re part of your clan, and belong here as well." Again taken aback by her generosity, Tarrant could only gaze upon her with sheer gratitude. "Mirana. . ." he formally replied, "You've always been such a dear friend to me. Thank you. . ." he whispered, emotion welling up once again. "I'd be honored to stay. . ."
 Smiling through the tears, she sighed with relief.  “Good. Then smile. . .” she playfully mimed, a
One of a Kind. . . Chap 3
Previously. . .
 “Alice! What a lovely surprise!” Queen Mirana exclaimed from her thrown. Walking across the court she now knelt down to Alice's short level. Chuckling she replied, "Ironic how when we first met you were taller. Now you are a bit smaller."
"True. . .But I'm still here."
"Indeed you are! And it's so wonderful to have you back. . ." Hesitating, Mirana began to study her rather thoroughly. "You look rather exhausted, Alice." Knowing deep down she could be honest with her, she gave Mirana a tiny nod.
"Truth be told. . .I had a very rough night." Sensing something more was going on, she gave Alice a serious gaze.
"I see. . .Well for now, we'll make your presence unknown. Especially. . .to the "Hatter," she stressed, watching as Alice's eyes lit with enthusiasm. Smiling, she looked toward her handmaidens. "Go and prepare Alice a stateroom." As they nodded and walked away, Mirana replied, "We'll get you sized properly fanciful wardrobe, and then you can
One of a Kind chapter 4
Previously. . .
  "Come now, Tarrant. . ." he called out, causing him to snap up a bit."Get a hold of yourself." It was as though the sound of his voice brought him back to his senses. Leaning up a bit, he inhaled deeply in an effort to calm down. “I’m fine. . .” he hissed, the ire just beneath the surface.  “But. . . I want to know why you were so bloody mean to her!”    
 “And I wanna know why you are so blind?!” Mally timidly replied, coming out from behind. “Can’t you see she’s gonna break your heart like she done before?”
 For minute Mally's harsh words hit Alice like a hard slap in the face.
 “I dunno what you’re talkin about.” She heard Tarrant defensively reply.
 “Oh no? Then let me refresh your memory!" Mally coldly insisted. "For two months, all ya did was mope about and close yourself off like a hermit! You wouldn't talk to anyone, incl
One of a Kind chapter 5
Previously. . .
"Please forgive me for not coming back to you sooner. I just. . .lost track of time looking for Mally. . ."
"It's ok." Alice consoled, "But did you ever find her?" Sighing heavily he shook his head.
"No, I'm afraid not. I don't know where she is. And I've searched every teapot in the castle. . ." Becoming more and more lamentable, Tarrant added, "Mind you. . .Although I'll never regret "why," But I do regret, "how," I went about it. . . with my bloody temper!" Wanting to console him, Mirana stepped between the two of them.
"Now. . .now. You had every right to be angry. And Mally needs to think about what she done. But. . .In the meantime, I'm sure there are other pleasant things to worry about." Looking at Alice he proudly smiled.
 "You're so right. . ." he replied with great enthusiasm. Holding his arm out to Alice, he asked, "Shall we?"
 "Absolutely. . ."

  As they began walking down the great hall, Tarrant found himself hesitating long enough to get A
One of a Kind chap 6
 Previously. . .
  As they approached him, the Duke began to nervously straighten out his ascot.
  "Well. . .It's about time! Did you see what that rogue done to me?" Grinning with satisfaction, Mirana nodded,  "Very vividly. . ."
   "Well? Aren't you going to do something?" Raising an eyebrow, she coolly replied,
  "Now, why should I hold him accountable for his actions, when you're the one who provoked him?" Letting out an insulted scoff, he gasped,
   "Well, I never!"
   "And you never will again!" Looking at her guards she ordered, "Will you kindly escort this gentleman out of here." In utter shock, the Duke could only marvel at her as they took each an arm. "What? How dare you!" Keeping a lid over her growing anger, Mirana glared at him and hissed, "No. . .How dare you! I don't care who you are. When you learn to treat my dignitaries with respect, then you can come back! But until then, you are no longer welcome here
One of a Kind chapter 7
Previously. . .
By the break of dawn they’d returned to a very worried Mirana, who'd met them in the hallway. Barely able to look her in the face, Tarrant replied,
“My Queen, please forgive me. . .I’m so-”
“No. . Tarrant. It is I who should apologize to you. I had no idea the Duke was that arrogant, or rude.  But if it’ll make you feel better I escorted him out, and banned him from any other functions here at the castle.” She replied, as Tarrant’s eyes widened with surprise.  
"Y-you did?" His innocent question had her giving him a very serious gaze.
 "Of course, I did. Nobody insults my “Hatter,” You're like family, here. And don't you forget it."  Touched over her loyalty, he chuckled and shook his head.  
“Thank you, kindly. . .”
 Quickly wanting to move on, Mirana playfully replied, "You can thank me, by joining me for tea. I was just on my way to the kitchen. . ."
“That would be divine. . .
One of a Kind chapter 8
Previously. . .
“I-I’m sorry, Alice.”
   Moved over her sincere apology, she smiled. “It’s Ok, Mally. Really. . .”
“No, it’s not.” She cut off. “I know I was a nit, and I want to make it up to you.”
  “You already have. I saw the cake and it’s absolutely lovely. . .”
“Oh, really?” Mally asked, her eyes lighting up. “Did ya taste it yet?”
“Why not?” she asked, turning rather insecure.
“Because you’re not there to eat it with us.” She warmly replied, as a touched expression crept over her furry little face. That’s when she held out her hand, gesturing Mally to jump on. And for the first time, she done so crawling up Alice’s arm until she was perched on her shoulder. “Well what are we waitin for. . .” she proudly declared.
   At the same time, Tarrant impatiently added, “That
One of a Kind chapter 9
“I won’t mention anything about this. . .” she replied, now giving it back to him. “But I’m curious as to why you haven’t told her yet?”
Sighing heavily, Tarrant looked her in the eyes and replied, “I think you already know.”
 “I do. But. . .the longer you put it off, the worse it’ll be. Not just for her. . .But for you.” Putting his head down, he muttered, “I know. . .”
“But. . .if you feel about her the way I know you do, you’ll do the right thing. Even if it seems like the worst. In the end it always works out for the best.”
   But deep down on the inside, Tarrant wasn't so sure about that.

  By the following morning, Alice was rather surprised when he didn't greet her at the door, the way he'd done for the past two mornings. This had her going straight to the attic to meet him for a change. And she was glad to do it. As she slowly swung open t
One of a Kind chapter 10
Previously. . ."
By then Tarrant could feel himself beginning to crumble. As the tears uncontrollably welled to the surface, he heard a familiar voice ask, "She's leavin again, isn't she?" Realizing it was Mally had him straightening up, desperately trying to compose himself. From behind Mally saw the way he casually dabbed the tears away, and felt sorry for her "Hatta," Roughly clearing his throat Tarrant managed to look at her out the corner of his eye.
"Aye. . . But it's not what ya think." he replied in Alice's defense.
"I know. . .I saw her crying too. . ." This caused his shoulders to droop once again.
Looking at her rather sadly, he muttered, "I'm sorry you couldn't say goodbye. . .'
Wanting to cheer him up the best she could, Mally thought it over then replied,
"Won't have to. I got a hunch she'll be back." Surprised over her optimism, Tarrant asked.
"Really now? What makes you say that?" Giving him an artful grin, she replied,
"Well. . .If she fancies you the way you fancy
One of a Kind chapter 11 Final
. . .but. . .what about the rabbit?" she babbled, as he gave her a befuddled glance. "Seriously. . ." she insisted. "How will he get out?" Although she meant the "White Rabbit," Lord Ascott didn't realize it, and thought she was being rather dramatic. Fighting not to smile, he cleared his throat in an attempt to be sensitive.
 "Alice. . .dear. . .I really don't think there's a rabbit in there." he soothed, as Alice looked away from him. "The hole is much too deep. And that's what makes it so dangerous. Besides. . .with my being away on business most of the time, suppose someone else gets curious and falls in? Like one of my groundskeepers? With no one aware of it, they could be trapped for days." Knowing he was right, Alice could only remain silent, as he shook his head. "No. . .It needed to be filled in. And frankly I should've done it a long time ago."
By then Alice was so overwhelmed with disappointment, she could barely look him in the face. Setting her cup down, she weakly

I also wanted to inform everyone that I have a page on Finally!
Here it is: :bulletred: :bulletred:

I've already posted alot of my TT fictions, as well as the first three chaps of the
  "One of a Kind," story. So if anyone wants to follow me there, I'd be honored!

Till then have a great week! :wave:

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I'm starting over again, guys! What would you think about me posting my TT fanfics again, from beginning to end? 

8 deviants said Are you kidding? I'd love to read them again! Get to postin! ;)
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